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About Farm on 212th 

Hello, and welcome to our page!

Our website is currently under construction as we are in the process of our name change from Modern Weddings, to Farm on 212th. 

Throughout the past 4 years, our lives and visions for our business have changed so much, that Modern Weddings did not accurately describe us any longer. After over a year of discussing this, Farm on 212th came to be. 

Currently, we are offering floral services, as well as rentals. We do not do set-up, or tear-down for rentals any longer (other than for our tables) but we still offer delivery and pickup based on location and availability. Our Cut Flower Garden is blooming, and we will be selling our own flowers soon! We are in the process of working on a studio, as well as several other projects that are still in the first stages of work, but we look forward to updating you soon. Thank you all for following along with our journey as we grow and expand! 

We look forward to meeting you! 

On a side note to all inquiries about full service weddings -

We unfortunately are not booking full service weddings any longer. I still do florals, and we do rentals on the side but we are not a full service wedding decoration company as of 2021. 

Farm on two twelfth   

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